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Dr. Catherine Seat

Email: info@functionalyouabq.com
Phone: 505-508-4350

Dr. Seat’s Bio

Dr. Seat is a home grown native New Mexican who was born in our state’s capital of Santa Fe. She moved all over the state, but grew up mainly in Rio Rancho, and Belen where she attended high school.

After high school she went off to college at the University of New Mexico where she earned her Bachelors of Science in Psychology with a minor in biology. She also earned a Bachelor of Arts in Biology with a minor in chemistry during the same time frame. Additionally, she gained another degree of Mrs, when she met her husband Tony in her last semester at UNM.

From there, Dr. Seat heard of a wonderful online program where she could get an actual masters in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine, which is what she did through the University of Western States while her husband finished his degree in Biochemistry. After getting married in 2013, Dr. Seat and her husband moved up to Portland, Oregon so she could finish her masters and then start Chiropractic school at the University of Western States. While in Chiropractic school, Dr. Seat added a Bachelor of Science in Human Science to her list of degrees.

At the end of Chiropractic school Dr. Seat completed a preceptorship in New Mexico with the American Chiropractic Association president of 2019. Dr. Seat and her husband officially came back to the Land of Enchantment in April 2018, and is currently working out of the office called the Nutrition and Health Center.

After officially finishing school, and nine months later, Dr. Seat and her husband welcomed a sweet baby girl into the world in April 2019.

When not in the office, Dr. Seat can be found having family days with her daughter Sarai, husband Tony, sisters, brother, and parents. Dr. Seat also loves going for walks, hitting the gym, baking delicious gluten free recipes, crafting, and researching the latest nutrition information.

Dr. Seat is also the first in her family of 8 to have become a doctor.