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A Holistic Approach to Health

Here at Functional You in Albuquerque, NM, Dr. Seat believes that a holistic approach to healthcare is foundational in finding the root cause of disease. This approach is achieved through Functional Medicine which focuses on the underlying or root cause of disease rather than just treating the symptoms. Functional Medicine, thus, is a patient-centered, systems-oriented model of care that looks to address the whole person.

Dr. Seat’s goal is to help you work towards optimal well-being by addressing the root causes of your conditions, and to provide personalized care using evidence-based medicine. To further personalize your health, Dr. Seat aims to try and understand the unique genetic, lifestyle, and environmental factors that contribute to each patient’s health and disease. To achieve this, Dr. Seat uses a combination of detailed patient history, laboratory testing, and other diagnostic tools to identify the underlying causes of illness. The information obtained from the history, physical exam, and as well as laboratory testing, is then used to create personalized treatment plans that aim to support the body’s natural healing processes and promote optimal health and well-being.

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Functional Medicine Supports the Body’s Natural Healing Process

To support the body’s natural healing processes, Dr. Seat utilizes supplemental protocols, lifestyle modifications, and targeted therapies which play a vital role in optimizing your health and overall well-being. She will help guide you in choosing the most appropriate dietary supplements based on your individual requirements. Whether you need support for gut health, hormone balance, immune system function, or other specific areas, Dr. Seat offers a wide range of high-quality, evidence-based supplements to support your body’s unique functional needs. Our supplements are carefully selected and sourced from reputable manufacturers such as Standard Process, MediHerb, Gaia Herbs, and Microbiome Labs, which work hard to ensure the efficacy and safety of their supplements.

It is also important to note that while dietary supplements can be beneficial, they are NOT meant to replace a healthy diet. Dr. Seat greatly encourages and emphasizes the importance of a healthy diet with the use of a nutrient-dense, whole-foods-based diet as the core of your diet. Dr. Seat also strongly encourages the importance of education and ownership of one’s own health, as it is only you who can make informed decisions and actively participate in your healing journey. To achieve this goal, Dr. Seat is dedicated to providing you with the knowledge and tools you will need to take control of your health and well-being.

Laboratory Tests Reveal Health Status

The advanced clinical laboratory testing that Dr. Seat uses to gain valuable insights into your health ranges from hormone panels, omega 3 level testing, regular blood panels, allergy testing, food sensitivity testing, and gut microbiome tests. These tests go beyond traditional medical assessment and allow Dr. Seat to uncover imbalances and dysfunctions in the human body.   

Dr. Seat also understands the importance of finding out “the why” or “the root cause” of disease, which is why Dr. Seat looks at laboratory testing from a different lens. That “lens” is that of a Functional Medicine practitioner, which allows Dr. Seat to view your labs from optimal ranges. In addition to these optimal ranges, she will let you know if something is high normal or low normal, which can help to diagnose anemia years in the making.

The gut tests used in Dr. Seat’s practice include the BiomeFx test (from Microbiome Labs) and the Microbiome test kit (from Standard Process). The test kit from Microbiome Labs, also known as the BiomeFx, uses whole genome/genetic sequencing. Whereas the Microbiome test kit from Standard Process uses 16S and ITS rRNA sequencing. Both tests look for imbalances in good/bad bacteria, yeast, fungi, and other microbes. However, both tests are different in themselves and may or may not be suggested to you. It will depend on your visit with Dr. Seat as to whether she will suggest one or the other to you. There are also times when no tests will be recommended.

By analyzing the results of your tests, Dr. Seat can develop a comprehensive understanding of your health which then allows her to design a personalized treatment plan that addresses the root cause of your concerns.

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A Patient-Centered Approach

Why should I choose Functional You for your health? Dr. Seat prioritizes a patient-centered approach, treating you from a whole-person perspective. From your anxiety to your gut to your immune system to everyday common issues. It is through this approach that truly makes the name Functional You come to fruition, as there is always more to treating just the symptoms. It is Dr. Seat’s goal to help you become a Functional You with long-lasting results by spending ample time with you, listening to your concerns, and taking into account your unique story.

Take the first step towards your health today, and know that Dr. Seat is here to support you during your health journey. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and discover how optimal health and well-being are at your very fingertips. Together, let’s unlock your full potential and empower you to live a more vibrant and functional life.